Monday, December 24, 2007

Yes It is 1:00AM!

What kind of things keep me up so late! It is thoughts emanating from good discipleship friends that love Jesus: I'll let everyone in on some of my deep thoughts from tonight:

WOW Thank you...through the Meditations catalogued by my really long e-mail to you...I had an amazing epiphany.

Check it out!

Romans 6:23: The wages of sin is death.....

For some reason, I have always taught that this means primarily a spiritual death...

But think about it.... if Jesus took the punishment of sin on Himself (which necessitated spiritual death), then how could Jesus say, Father, I commend My Spirit to you? THIS IS AMAZING...The Father would have to send that Spirit to Hell (can you imagine not only being the reason for the execution of your son, but the judge of his soul also!). Maybe this is why so many church fathers believed Jesus to be in the belly of the earth for those days before the ressurection.
We are born into this world already condemned physically to death because of our sin nature and Jesus came not to save the flesh, but the soul. So why does a temporary physical death propitiate for an eternal soul? Did Jesus die physically and spiritually for us (I know a spirit cannot die, but I mean a spiritual death IS eternal separation from God)? So in answering this in my mind I had to think on the OT sacrifices and how a blameless, blemishless lamb had to be sacrificed in order to propitiate for the SINS of man....and this was a physical death for the fleshy Jesus' physical death takes the fleshy sins and makes them disappear (i.e. hidden in Him) so that we have no sins on our account....BUT (I think this is the strongest argument for original sin) Jesus did not propitiate for our nature (although maybe indirectly because by taking away our sins we are able to have a glorified nature one day)...but for our our nature must die (physically)! SO THAT it can be raised again with a complete new perfect nature. Furthermore, THINK ABOUT THIS! God had to be Jesus BECAUSE it is IMPOSSIBLE for God to be separated FOREVER (spiritually dead) from HIMSELF. So only Jesus, who is God, a perfect blameless lamb, could die a physical death that propitiated for the sins of man and still fulfill the Messianic prophecies. Because the Messiah is to be King and how could he be King if he was eternally separated from God (himself), who rules all. So Jesus did not die spiritually because he was the perfect God, otherwise he would still be in Hell now and He would not have risen again from the grave. And I think this gives us valid reasons to see a physical death in view in Romans 6:23. But now I see that physical death is the result of separation from God and if we remain separated, then our soul forever will. But if we have Christ, then we do not have sin (on our account) and so we dwell in Christ and even though we may die a physcial death; it has no effect on our souls because we die united with God and so our spirit unites with Him and at that great and glorious day he rewards us with his promises of a new physical nature in our glorified bodies.

WOW! Our God is amazing


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