Wednesday, January 2, 2008

His Crown of Thorns

When our family was down, God blessed us with beautiful weather. So almost everyday we took walks and it was very enjoyable. When Lisa and Devon were down we walked to our local CVS to get batteries. I stayed with the kids and played in the nearby woods (of course!). We found this horrible demonic wild tree/bush thing that had 5 inch thorns on its branches!!! Immediately, I thought of Christ and His crucifixion. God allowed me to use it to tell my kids about His death. It wasn't many days later that Houston, Trinity, and I returned to those woods and cut enough branches off to make a "crown of thorns" like what Jesus wore. It brought me to tears when one of those thorns got me! (As you can see from the picture of my finger). I wasn't at all teared up because it hurt (it most certainly did!) But because I flinched when it poked my finger (by accident at that!), yet my God willingly allowed sinful men to pound the thorns into His skull. What a sacrifice for the God of this world to come as a man and take on the punishment of sin for us! How dare I flinch when I should have been the one wearing the thorns!

Yet, he wore the crown instead. He shed His blood for us. Have you ever thought how much blood it was? Have you ever thought about what the crown means? He is King and died like a villain. He is God and yet chose to become a man for His love for us. He is a prophet who did miracles, but he did the miracles not to boast of His power, but to prove that he was from the Father; sent to bear the sins of the world. He is a priest because it is only by Jesus dieing that our sins can be washed away and therefore we can come to God in Heaven for an everlasting dwelling place with Him. Meditate on these things.


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