Monday, January 14, 2008


It is neat when your personal studies and your seminary studies complement one another. This was the case for me as I started my first block of classes. I started my world missions class at the same time that I was finishing my 500 page book on the trinity. God worked it out so that the truth following was doubly reinforced. The truth is that God is who he is as a unity in diversity and a diversity in unity. In missions, it is recognized that people cause an inbalance when one side is not in balance with the other. For example, the god of Islam is a god with oneness or unity, but no diversity. This is relected in their totalitarian regimes and lack of separation between state and religion. And this is reflected on their oppression of women and strict legalism that leads to a gospel of salvation by works. Also, it makes their God a totalitarian god who loves killing and rewards for killing "infidels" and he only loves the righteous. There is no diversity in an Islamic culture. Although, at the same time we can see the opossite affect in America. America under its Post-Modern culture is all diversity and lacks unity. Therefore, the god of America is this all-loving god who accepts all people and damns none....he sees all religions as trying their best to approach him and all are equally valid. All wickedness (as defined by the bible) should be lovingly tolerated and embraced or confined to the personal lives of individuals. America is all about individuality and shuns community. Both of these gods are not the God of the Bible. The God of the Bible is love and is the ONE God who exists as Father, Son, and Spirit in a diversity of persons (real personal relations) within himself. The Father, Son, and Spirit cannot be called they, but He when talking of the one God; but the Father, Son, and Spirit cannot be called he, but they when talking of the personal relationships; the real persons within the one God. This is diversity in unity and unity in diversity with all of the attributes of our Amazing God should reflect our relationships with others in community, society, family, and marriage. It also should affect the way we do missions and evangelize. There are peoples such as the Muslims and Americans who need the one true God of the Holy Bible who is Love himself and IS the perfect balance of unity and diversity.


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