Monday, January 7, 2008

My Talented Wife

My wife has thoroughly impressed me by teaching herself how to knit (with the useful helps of This is something that I have secretly always wanted her to do. Basically because I have beautiful memories connected to knitting. I am very close with my grandparents and my childhood memories are filled with the God-given talents of these women. My Great-Great Grandmother (yes she lived to be 100! and I knew her) crocheted afghan blankets, my Mommom Myers knits regularly (to this day--she is 86--she makes wash towels for all of the family). Seeing her sit and knit fills me with love because I think of how God has given me a woman who is so much more than I deserve....She is a woman that emulates everything good I have experienced in the wonderful women of my upbringing. I have been spoiled, loved, cared for, and supported to this day and I am who I am because of God working through women. I treasure the feminine in my life that God has used to soften my heart for His gospel. Thank you Great-Great Grandmom who was pleasant even after her mind was tired, Great Grandmom who supported my family through more than one endeavor, O how I love my Mommoms, Most especially, My Mom who is the foundation of my character, and now the love that trumps them all, my wife.
Knitting should be precious to about anyone because it tells an old story (and today it is a rare story) about when mothers centered their lives around their children and family and even their spare time was spent providing raiment for her children. I do not think it is too much for women to strive to be a virtuous woman because so many women in my life have been that woman to me.

A work in progress........

Baby Elissa modeling her new knitted hat:


Julie January 12, 2008 at 8:12 AM  

Thyis is just too, too cute! Misty, you're awesome, and Elissa is SO PRECIOUS!!!!! Thanks for posting these sweet pix :-)

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