Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Prince, A Princess, and our King

So lately Trinity insists that when she grows up to be a woman that she will be a princess. And not only that, but she is going to marry her Daddy and that is going to make him a prince. So this is all well and good but when I asked her who I was going to marry if she stole Chris away from me, her only response was "Don't worry, Mommy, you'll marry somebody".

Just in case you don't believe that she is going to be a princess, let me assure that it is true. She has already been rescued by her Knight in shining armor. She and Houston were playing together last night. Poor Trinity was a damsel in distress indeed. She was "stuck" on the floor, wrapped in the straps of my purse. She layed there helplessely and called for help "Help me, I'm stuck! I can't get up!" Running to her rescue was Houston who showed his bravery and strength by courageously freeing the princess. She stands to her feet and declares to the handsome knight, "Oh thank you Houston, You saved my life!" The knight then holds out his hand to the princess and coyly asks, "Dance?". She takes his hand and they dance off into the night and live happily ever after. True story. Really :)

If only every little girl was so certain of their royalty. Because you see, we can all be Princes and Princesses when you realize that your Father is the King of Kings. Isn't it glorious?


Julie February 5, 2008 at 7:34 AM  

That little girl is a precious princess and is TOO MUCH!!! I can just see her doing all of this and it brings a big smile to my face. Thanks for sharing a peek into your children's imaginations. Love them!!!

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