Monday, March 17, 2008

The Hallway as Classroom

Houston has started showing more interest in reading and learning his ABC's. It is interseting watching the differences between the kids as they grow and learn. He is slower with this than was Trinity (and that's OK!!!). By his age she knew all her letters and their corresponding sounds and the stark difference was her incredible interest and voracious appetite for all things reading. Houston, up until late, has been much too busy to sit down and bother with something as silly as reading. Just recently though, I have noticed that he is pointing at the words when he is "reading" his books and showing interest in knowing letter names by holding one of the letter magnets we have on our fridge and asking, "what's this?"

So today we used the hallway as our classroom. I drew out the letters on squares of paper and taped then at eye-level up one side of the hallway and down the other. We can sing out ABC's and walk up the hallway touching each letter as we go. Something that keeps Houston moving and having fun and learning all at the same time. After a few rounds we started playing games. We started at one end of the hallway and I would say , "where is the____?" and off the kids would run to find the correct letter
Fun and educational :)

"H, Mommy!!"

I used lower-case letters and Trinity decided to add the upper-case underneath.

As I was putting the letters up, I thought to myself, "Gee, I hope this is at the right level for them" but was reassured that indeed it was when I got to L M N O P and found the red crayon scribbles at exactly the same height! UGH!

And this last picture isn't exactly related to this post but Oh Well! Houston hadn't hada nap today and during their nightly "book time" before bed, he fell fast asleep! (I'll have to do a post one day on just all of the funny places that houston has fallen asleep. When that boy is tired there is no stopping him from sleepin if he sits in one spot for too long!)


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