Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Ryans

We all met a new baby named Ryan on our trip, but Elissa was blessed to meet two Ryans.

Here is my brother Ryan or "Uncle Ryan" as he is known by the kids

Chris' brother Steven's new little boy is also named Ryan or "Baby Ryan" as the kids call him. He and Elissa are only four days apart but he was slightly premature. It is hard to tell by looking at him because they are almost the same size!
MomMom Sandy and the Grandbabies...

Trinity was so excited to meet her new baby cousin. She woke up one morning and baby Ryan was already at the house. She heard him cry and knew immediately that it was him and not Elissa by the sound of his cry and exclaimed "Hey, that's my Uncle...I mean cousin, Ryan!"

The two little cousins (niether of which would cooperate and look at the camera!)


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