Saturday, March 15, 2008

Three Months

Can you believe that Elissa is three months old already? Some days it seems like yesterday that she was born but at the same time, like she's been here forever. It is amazing how fast they grow and change and learn new things. Here are some things that are "new" with Elissa...

*She's giggling! and quite often. She giggles at her brother and sister and also when daddy dances with her.

*She's sleeping in her crib (and through the night!) We had Elissa in our bedroom in the bassinet at first. We didn't want her waking up the other kids with her night time wakings so we kept her in with us. Since she has been consistently sleeping at least eight hours at night (and often longer) we decided it was time to make the switch. So now she is rooming in with the "big kids" and has been doing well.

* She rolled over! She has only done this once and it happened today. She was lying on my bed while I was sewing (sitting directly next to the bed so she wasn't going to fall off!) and she rolled from her back to her belly and promptly went to sleep.
Boy does time fly!


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