Sunday, May 18, 2008

Truth Decay

Beware of the National Geographic when it comes to the Bible--NG has inherited the materialistic worldview of this present darkness and has therefore become hostile to the Bible and the one true God. This has manifests itself in the embellishing of the Gospel of Judas by the NG. It was only after Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) scholarship strongly criticized the NG did the NG magazine apologize and print a new version of the Gospel of Judas. Check it out here-

Why must lies be perpetuated in order to discredit the word of God? Would not it be easier to accept the truth revealed by the one true God and reject the lies of materialistic worldview that leads to vain life and meaninglessness-nihilism! How much longer must the father of lies reign in this present darkness? I believe that revival is in store for this generation. The revival can only proliferate by a return to the Sovereignty of God and the age-old preaching of REPENT, AND BELIEVE THE GOOD NEWS! GOD REIGNS! He exists and He sent his Son Jesus Christ to live and die and rise the third day for the salvation of the world and now Jesus has been given all authority on heaven and on EARTH. His children cry, COME Lord Jesus, COME! Maranatha.


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