Saturday, May 17, 2008

WVPT Book Festival

Chris had off today so we were able to spend some good family time together today. I learned quite a while back about the WVPT kid's book festival and made a mental note to go. Unfortunately that mental note got lost under a pile of other mental! Fortunately, Chris happened to take Houston to get his hair cut today and someone at the barbershop told him about it!

It is right on JMU's campus and within easy walking distance so off we went this afternoon! The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed the walk to the festival and all the activities. The kids got some free books and had the chance to see some really cool animal from the Lyray Zoo as well as other activities like making bookmarks and necklaces.

On our way...

After the kids got their books they just plopped on the ground to read them right away!

Houston meets Curious George...unfortunately this was a terrifying experience for Trinity and she hid behind me in tears!

An American alligator..

Hiding in the trees..


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