Thursday, September 18, 2008


I know I haven't posted in a while and there are plenty of things that I have wanted to post about but haven't had the time so this post is a mish mash of things from our week.

All about Elissa:

*She loves music and really loves to dance. It is so cute! As soon as she hears a beat she will start bouncing along. She also LOVES to beat on the drum during family worship time.

*She waves Hi whenever someone new walks in the room.

Here is a picture of her in an outfit hat i made for her while she was napping yesterday. I'm so glad it fits because I didn't measure her


Talking about Trinity:

*She absolutely loves to write and now I find little notes around the house like the one I found on the refrigerator the other day. It said, "Dear Elisa, You are bodiful and momy is so bodiful. Love, Trinity"

*She will be the flower girl in a wedding on her birthday (September 27th) and she is as excited as can be. I made her flower girl dress and I'll post pictures of her wearing that tomorrow when she tries it on.

Houston Happenings:

*We were out at the park and he was so excited about finding God's carnations (creations).

*He saw a bunch of pansies in the parking lot of the Hampton when we stopped to bring Chris dinner at work He looked at them wistfully and I knew he was thinking about picking them but he looked up at me and said, "Mommy, Can I pick flowers for Grandma when I'm in heaven too?"

We also were thrilled to find a set of bunk beds at the thrift store for only $60, mattresses included. We had been casually looking for one and the price was definitely right. They had a bunch of them that were given to them from Eastern Mennonite University (so if you need one run to Gift and It does need a ladder and also rails on the top bunk. Chris and I made the rails tonight from scrap lumber leftover from where our decks are being replaced and will install them tomorrow. (Don't worry, no one will sleep in the top bunk until then!)


Julie September 20, 2008 at 11:31 AM  

Wow! Thanks for sharing the glimpse into your home and life. The bunks are awesome, and YOU are awesome to be able to sew an outfit for your daughter during naptime AND love your littles so well. You are an inspiration, my friend! Have a wonderful Saturday.

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