Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pregnant Woman to be killed

With my wife's specialization in newborn pictures and our committment to our Lord Jesus Christ, I feel that this post is relevent to the discussion here. I have recently learned of a British pregnant woman who has been imprisoned in Laos for alleged charges of possession of Heroin (650g). I give you the amount that she is allegedly charged with because Laotian law requires mandatory capital punishment (by firing squad) for possession of Heroin over 500g. I am an advocate for the death penalty and yes, I am also against abortion. A number of things concern me here:

First: I do NOT believe that possession of Heroin is a biblical mandate for the taking of life. The Bible only authorizes capital punishment when the image of God is desecrated through murder. The taking of a life only authorizes a God-ordained GOVERNMENT (do not read individual) to authorize capital punishment.

Second: I hold to the creation of a human being at conception. Therefore, I feel that the Laotian government would be murdering her child unjustly if they executed her before her child was born.

What do you think? Read the article at the UK's guardian here:


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