Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thank You God for my wife

Some of you may think that I am bragging about my wife, but the truth is that I am bragging about God giving me such a wonderful wife. My love language is not acts of service or gifts, it is words of affirmation, but I strongly enjoy Misty's creative abilities to make things. She is an excellent seamstress. It is amazing how she has saved our family money by sowing and making a plethora of high-quality cloth diapers. These diapers are like the next generation!! They have velcro and snaps and high-quality material that soaks up pee, but leaves baby's bottom dry and when you put those things in the washer, you cannot even tell it was pooped-in!

Well anyways, Misty has made many of our Christmas presents for people this year, she has made matching &$%@*!^ for all her neices and our kids (I bought Christian comic books for my nephews). (Just in case you are reading, Devon, I couldn't give it away!) She made purses for my neices (I signed a card that I bought), she made &*^%^*(&%^ for ALL of the Mommom and Poppops..(sorry, can't give that away either). She has made multiple things for the kids, too! (I bought some stuff for them, are you seeing the pattern here?) I love what she has made the kids. See this picture here:

OK OK so she did not make the stuffed animals, she got them from the thrift store. But she cut out the guts of these animals and hand sewed a zipper in the back of these animals and made a fabric "pack" of herb scented filling. You can take that pack out and throw it in the microwave and the herbs (lavender) just teem with aroma. So these little cuddly animals will be a relaxing aroma when my kiddies snuggle with them. What an excellent idea Misty! Here are some pictures depicting how all of this works:

A work in progress...
Lots of yummy smelling dry lavender
The back of a finished friend!


Davene December 10, 2007 at 2:00 PM  

You're right, Chris--Misty is EXTREMELY talented. Also perhaps a bit crazy for thinking she could do all this in her last month of pregnancy...but as long as that little baby stays put a little while longer, I have no doubt Misty will accomplish all the lofty goals she set for herself this holiday season! The gifts I'm giving people were, most of them, purchased on ebay...not a single homemade gift in the bunch. I take my hat off to Misty! :)

Misty December 10, 2007 at 8:14 PM  

Yes, Davene, I think I am more than a bit crazy thinking I could get it all done without stressing myself out!... but I am basically finished and (almost) ready for this little one to make her arrival :)

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