Sunday, December 9, 2007

Puppy Love

Need I say more?

I know you have all been anxiously awaiting this moment. The moment that I, Misty, would make my first post on this blog. Well, the moment has arrived! I wouldn't get too excited though as I'm sure that this will be rare since I don't usually get much time to sit at the computer and write (and that time will soon be scarcer). But anyway, on to the subject of this post. As I was looking through the pictures that we have on our computer I realized that a multitude of the pictures include our dog Niko in some way.

A boy and his dog.

He truly is a part of our family as can be seen when looking through our family picture album. Usually it is Niko, lovingly sitting still while getting love (read - abuse) from our children that sends me fleeing for my camera to catch a moment of puppy love n film. They lay on him, hug him, and try to ride him like a horse and he endures it all with hardly a flinch. Other times he isn't so much the subject of the photo but gets included anyway because he is following close behind whoever happens to be the subject of my photo so we have plenty of pictures with just a tail or a paw or a snout.

Some of you may know that we almost gave Niko away because of the impending arrival of baby #3 and the amount of work that it is to take care of a dog when you live in an apartment (not to mention the limited space and the hair...oh the HAIR!) OK, we DID give Niko but he didn't stay gone for long. We found a great home for him with a couple in Rawley Springs with six acres of land for him to run on. He was there for a few days and how our hearts ached for his companionship. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Niko is not a cat lover and apparently tried to eat their other pet, a cat, for dinner. Needless to say, the couple couldn't keep him and home he came. Home is also where he will stay. Like I said, he is family, no matter how much work he is (The Lord and I are working together on my problem with the hair!)

God gave us these wonderful little creatures, such a fantastic part of His creation, so that we could enjoy them. Amazing isn't it?


Davene December 10, 2007 at 1:55 PM  

Yay, Misty, so good to read your thoughts and see these pictures!!! Thanks for writing! :)

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