Friday, December 28, 2007

Through a child's eyes....

Trinity and Houston, like most children, look at the world as an adventure. It is a new domain open for their exploration. They will often stop to look at a small pebble or tiny ant on the ground as we make our way out to the car. Too many times I find myself in a hurry to get to nowhere special and their little detours can slightly annoy me. I have to remind myself often to just slow down and enjoy watching them learn and explore their world and also to take the time to enjoy God's wonderful creation myself (right down to the smallest detail).

That is one thing that I love about my husband. I love watching him be a father. With the weather being so warm (for December anyway) we have been going on long walks with the kids. I usually lagged a little behind with whoever was going the slowest at the moment, and from there I had a great view. I could watch Chris interact with whichever child was holding his hand. He would frequently stop and stoop down to their level or scoop them up in his arms to bring them to his level so they could examine something a little closer. They read street signs, looked at plants, founds birds nests in trees that I would never have noticed. Everything was a wonderful learning experience with no concern for time or being inconvenienced. He can take a simple thorn bush and turn one of its branches into an object lesson about the crucifixion of our Lord. Chris uses all these little moments to teach the children about our wonderful God and His creation.

I love you, Chris!


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