Friday, February 8, 2008

Mrs. Deer Hunter

Trinity is at that cute age. So she declares things such as: Daddy, you are my hunting buddy! And tis' true, because at least every other day, Trinity and I boot-up DEER HUNTER 2005 and go virtual deer hunting. I started her off on this 3 weeks ago. After a week she would do the walking and I would do the shooting, at week two she would periodically play by herself because Daddy was busy or working, but she could not kill anything. However, this week she plays by herself and will kill six deer from one forest! She is skilled enough now to work the keyboard and the mouse at the same time. And she knows exactly where to shoot the deer (in the vitals) in order to drop them dead (in the virtual world, I miss a lot and have to track them by following their blood trail, but not Daddy's Girl!).
Well, I plan on Trinity having many real Father-Daughter hunts in the future! So far, her initial training is going really well ;) Maybe next year I'll teach her how to shoot Daddy's .22! I love being a Father when I can enjoy God AND the outdoors with my kids. I just hope I don't make a total AMAZON out of her!...LOL
P.S. Deer Hunter 2005 is an awesome game for teaching the little ones motor skills (and hunting skills, Trinity learned how to stalk deer due to this simulation; she is still trying to understand the concept of a and you can download it for a 30-day free trial--Here


Sandy February 8, 2008 at 6:45 PM  

I guess MomMom needs to come visit again and turn my girl back into a princess! LOL! What are you teaching my Granddaughter! LOL!
Love you guys!

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