Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My little helper!

I really truly dislike sorting and putting away the laundry. I don't mind trudging outside and to the basement to put the laundry into the washer, or to switch it to the dryer, or to bring it back upstairs but I really don't like folding it and putting it away. Unfortunately this means that it often sits in the laundry basket in our living room for quite some time before it gets sorted and put where it belongs (hey, at least it's clean! lol)

So can you just imagine my surprise and delight when I come into the living room to find this sight!

Trinity took it upon herself to fold and sort all of the laundry that was from yesterday (there were like three loads! ::blush::) all by herself while I was tending to the baby in the other room. Everything was sorted according to which room it belonged in and the folding wasn't bad either! Previous to this I had let her fold the washcloths while I pretty much did the rest. She amazed me and my heart was blessed.
In other news....
Houston has been pretty much potty trained for a while (although he did regress a bit after a trip to NJ) with the exception of going out in public. He was terrified of public toilets and though we would take him places occasionally without his diaper I would always put one on him for longer trips. But the other day, while we were out he decided he had to pee badly enough to conquer his fear. YAY! He hasn't worn a diaper at all in over a week except to bed!
Elissa is loving being able to roll over and happily does so back and forth from back to belly and back again during playtime in her crib. She has also started doing this really cute thing when you are talking to her. If you are close enough she reaches out and touches your cute!


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