Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some photos

While Daddy and Trinity went to AWANA tonight, Houston and Elissa and I played outside. We had a great time! I was hoping to get some good pictures while playing with my camera in manual but unfortunately I still need lots of practice! I like the composition of these photos but unfortunately they came out pretty grainy...but I'll share them anyway!

He was looking up at a squirrel that had run up a tree in this posing - I promise!

Just like my boy! He found a train in the diaper bag (if it has wheels, he loves it!)

This picture actually turned out pretty good. I post processed it a little (softened the edges and sharpened it a bit)

I love this picture. It was really dark so there is major post processing but I love his expression!

Sigh...those eyes! Just cropped this one a bit! ( I seem to get better pictures of Elissa as she is a more willing model!)

I LOVE this picture and wish I would have had my settings right so that it wasn't grainy, but alas it is. I still love it though! I added some sepia tone to this one!


Julie April 17, 2008 at 10:00 PM  

Beautiful pics of cute kids!

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