Saturday, May 31, 2008

My God is Immutable

There has been lots of dismantling going on now-a-days. The most disturbing is the dismantling of God and his Majesty. And we are talking about the dismantling of God, not JUST by unbelievers, BUT by believers themselves. People who profess faith and love Jesus choose to denigrate his Father. I first became aware of this through the writings of Gregory Boyd, Pinnock, and Saunders and their Open-God theology. However, I felt that there was an adequate response to refute their claims, and so I realized that their views will fall down together in history with the rest of the heretics. However, now I see William Lane Craig denigrating God's immutability. As of yet, I have not found adequate responses to his view except by clear and direct refutation in Scripture, but scholars need to get out and proclaim this to the world in order to make Craig sit down. I include here some links to clear defenses on the immutability of my God according to Scripture.

A good array of Biblical support:

By Spurgeon:

Psalm 102:

Arthur W. Pink: I love this guy!!!

Chew on that for awhile and you will be filled with the truth of the Word. God is not subject to change.



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