Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Poem

I was inspired by Isaiah 40:11; I hope that Misty and I can take some pictures to go with this someday.

Mama Sheep’s Shepherd

Mama Sheep looks out over her lambs
The wolves approaching from over the hill, BAM!
The lambs scatter
It no longer matters
The wolves will have their way
There will be a bloody mess in the fray
Until the Shepherd comes
And he does, faster than the battle run
Metamorphosis, the shepherd becomes a lamb
The wolves see him, mighty and helpless, the chase ends, BAM!
Blood everywhere
Nothing but despair
The Alpha Male has his fill
The Shepherd Lamb is gone
Until Sunday when the Lamb begins to move
The face of the Lamb has a Lion’s groove
With power, the Lion destroys the Alpha Male
The wolves scatter—their faces pale
Metamorphosis, the Lion becomes a Shepherd
He finds his lambs safe in the wilderness
He picks them up and holds them with finesse
He holds them close to his breast
They feel his warm breath
They smell the aroma of his skin
They hear his heart—thump-bump—which has no sin

His scars are still there
The tissue and marks lay bare
The lambs feel his blood—warm, wet
Sprinkled on their foreheads
Falling from the broken body of their Shepherd
It reminds them of his sacrifice
It guarantees them His promise
“I will be your Shepherd”
“You will be my sheep”
“I will be the Shepherd of your lambs”
“And your lambs’ lambs”

The Mama Sheep’s eyes tearing
And her throat bellowing
Could do nothing but be made low
For she could not save her lambs
She totally relied on her shepherd
And his promise

He is a Faithful Shepherd
He kept His promise
To Him be the Glory.


Emily Joy September 23, 2009 at 8:22 PM  

Old or new pics... whatever!

~Emily Joy

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